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You want to do business in Spain, than we are the right consultancy in order to register your Spanish company.
Company Formation Service Spain SL is since 2004 the specialists for the creation of Spanish companies.

When you need fast a European company with a VAT euro registration – than we have the best and even tax-saving solution for you!


Whether you need a Spanish limited company (Spanish S.L. – Sociedad Limitada) or Spanish Corporation (Spanish S.A. – Sociedad Anónima) either with the minimum share Capital or with a higher share capital up to 5 Million Euros. We arrange everything so that in less than 2 Weeks you have your Spanish company incorporated and ready to business worldwide. After the registration we can offer you also our professional bookkeeping service, and we can apply for special licenses your business may need.
If you don’t have a Spanish office yet, we can help you out by the way, that you can use our office as your business address, and we can even offer you a complete virtual office service for your company.

EU-VAT Number
In case your company do business with other European companies or your company is importing of exporting goods from outside of Europe, than you definitely need a EU-VAT number, which is a VIES registration of your European company tax number. This Registration is very difficult to obtain in many countries – therefore, we can offer you very good a fast solution, which even offer several advantages: You save taxes, and the end-user pays only 15% VAT on your products or services.


We offer the best prices in the market:

We register your Spanish SL company with a share capital of 3006€ for 850€+IVA

And a Spanish limited company with a share capital of 1 Million Euros, we register you for the all inclusive price of 3.900€+ IVA

We arrange you a Eropean company with a EU-VAT Number and a registration in the European VIES for only 5.600€+IVA
Complete Consulting Service

We are your reliable Partner which solves you fast, efficient and professional any paperwork you need to apply for in Spain. Beginning with your own personal NIE number, which we can get you in less than 24 hours, the registration of your car, the formation of your Spanish company, or whether you need a privet insurance for your family, and you need to have a special licenses for your business, and you need an office which offers you a punctually and processional bookkeeping service and elaborates all your tax declaration for your Spanish company and makes the contracts for your employees and applies for subventions from the Spanish state for your Spanish limited company.
You can contact us and we will help you out!

NIE Number

Anyone who wants’ to do business in Spain needs to have a special registration for foreigners, which is called the NIE. In many Spanish cities, this is a procedure which can take up to several weeks and specially for citizens from outside of the European Community, it can take up to several months and it can be even denied in the worse case.
But luckily we are in the situation in offering any nationality a 24hours service in obtaining the Spanish NIE Certificate.  
Our prices starts with 150€+IVA and we offer also a discount for families and companies.
We have a separate webpage, in where you can find all the information’s:

Easy steps to create a Spanish company
We are going to explain, point by point, the procedure we must follow to create a Spanish limited company (Sociedad Limitada) and start operating. We will try to avoid, as much as we can, legal jargon or confusing theoretical explanations so that you don´t get lost in the way
The Name of the Company. A title for our business.
We have to make sure that the name we want for our business is available: that it has not been used before by another company, or that it is not too similar to any other already used. The only way to make sure of it is to apply for a Negative Company Name Certificate (Certificado Negativo de Denominación Social) to the Mercantile Register Office (Registro Mercantil Central).
We are allowed to apply for up to three different names, in order of preference, for our company: had the first one been used before, we would be given the second, then the third. In case the first one is available, the other two will not matter.
This application must be submitted by one of the founding associates, and it will be valid for three months, although it grants exclusive rights for six months. It means that if, in three months time after obtaining the certificate, the company has not been registered yet, we will have to apply for it again, although no one will be able to register that name until fifteen months afterwards.
There are several general rules regarding a company´s name. One of them is that Mercantile Register Office says that the name must include the legal form of the society, or its acronym (S.L. or S.R.L. for Spanish limited companies).

Share Capital. Something to start with.
Once we already have a name for our business, the next step will be the opening of a bank account in the name of the company. We will have to deposit the starting share capital: the minimum amount needed to create a Spanish limited company is 3.006 euros. We must bring with us the Negative Company Name Certificate. We will be given a proof of payment that we will have to show, later on, to the notary. Once the company is created and registered, we will be able to withdraw that money.

Memorandum of Association. Grounding the business.
It is the internal law that will, somehow, rule the company. It must figure all essential data: name, company purpose, share capital, registered office, market share of each founding member, management, etc. This document contains the rules of the company; the way it is organized.
We recommend hiring a consultant to get them written, for it is an essential part of the process.
The Memorandum of Association will later be included in the company´s Deeds of Incorporation, either as a literal transcription or as an attached document. That will be the next step.

Deeds of Incorporation. Our business is registered.
It is the document that certifies the register of the new company. It has to be signed before a public notary: an officer legally empowered to witness signatures. This is the most expensive part of the process, but it is essential for the company to be incorporated to the Mercantile Register Office.
To get it signed, we will need:

  • Negative Company Name Certificate.
  • Proof of Payment of the share capital from the bank.
  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Identity Card of each founding member

Provisional Tax Code. To start as soon as possible.
Soon as the Deeds of Incorporation are signed, we can apply for a provisional Tax Code for the company, so we will be able to begin all the procedures to get the wheels in motion to start operating. We must complete form 036 in the Hacienda (Spanish Tax Office) local branch where the company is registered. We will need a copy of the Deeds of Incorporation, and a copy of the ID of the company´s representative. From that moment onwards, the company can start operating.
Usually this procedure takes place after the sign of the Deeds of Incorporation because, if we apply for a provisional Tax Code, then we will have to write a letter about our purpose of registering the company. Since very short time would pass, it is preferable to get the provisional Tax Code afterwards.
The Tax Code we get is a provisional one though, once the company is incorporated to the Mercantile Register Office, it will become definitive.

Share Capital Incorporation Tax (Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales). Not any longer though...
Until not long ago, it was compulsory to pay the Share Capital Incorporation Tax, which charged the register, transformation or dissolution of any company, and summed 1% of the share capital. After its payment, a stamp in the Deeds was needed to get the company registered. 
Recently, the payment of this tax has been abolished in order to boost company registrations, although the obligation of filling the form 600 remains, same as having to take a copy of the provisional Tax Code with it to the Hacienda local branch.

Incorporation at the Mercantile Register Office. Getting closer to the end...
The last step is to take the Deeds of Incorporation of the company to the local Mercantile Register Office. Once there, they keep the document (you also have to take a copy of the Tax Code Card, and form 600) and in two weeks, they give you a call and you can pick it up.
From that moment on, the company has its own legal status.
Definitive Tax Code and Registration of the Economical Activities Tax. Business completely operational!
Taking the Deeds of Incorporation (already registered at the Mercantile Register Office) and the provisional Tax Code card to any Hacienda branch, we will receive a definitive Tax Code Card (that has the same number as the provisional one). It identifies the company for fiscal/tax purposes.
We must apply for it not longer than thirty days from the date of the incorporation of the Deeds. Then, we have six months to collect it.
The Economical Activities Tax is a local one that charges business/professional/artistic activities; its payment is compulsory for any company or business owner. Companies whose net volume of sales is under one million euros do not have to pay it. If our company does, we will have to fill form 840.
By filling one single form 036, we will be able to apply for the definitive Tax Code Card, register at the Economical Activities Tax Office, inform about our VAT regime, etc

Procedures at the Ministry of Labor. Day-by-day issues.
Finally, there are only some procedures left such as joining the Spanish Social Security Scheme (Seguridad Social), getting the visitors´ book registered (compulsory for every company due to possible labor inspections), declarating the beginning of the operations of the company or getting specific licenses that our business may need.
It is essential to be literate in taxes and bookkeeping services, so you deal with all the paperwork of your business. Since it is quite a difficult task (you would need huge knowledge of laws), we would highly recommend you to hire a qualified accountant to make sure your business runs correctly.


Spanish Public Limited Company (Sociedad Anónima)
Spanish Sociedad Anónima is a business association whose owners participate of the capital through shares, and their liability is limited to their share of the capital. That is the reason why, if the company contracts debts, owners will not take responsibility with their personal assets.
This kind of company is mainly used for projects of great importance. Compulsory, we will have to choose a public limited company if our project is included among the following activities: insurance, leasing, venture capital, sportive public companies, banking, television and stock agencies.
The minimum share capital is 60.101,21 euros and, at least, a fourth has to be paid, unlike Spanish limited companies (sociedades limitadas), where the share capital must be entirely paid out.
Monetary contributions to the share capital are usually proved by bank certificates (which are added to the Deeds of Incorporation), or they are handed to the notary public.
Contributions can also be non monetary, but they must be subjected to a report made by an independient expert designed by the Mercantile Register Office. This report must be added to the Deeds of Incorporation too.
There is not a minimum of shareholders. There are limited public companies under sole propietorship: and still this owner has limited liability against debts. Sole propietorship must be stated in every document, mail, invoice and legal announcement.
Transfer of shares is free for public limited companies, unlike limited companies (sociedades limitadas). There are restrictions only if the shares are registered to someone (nominatives), what should be made clear in the Memorandum of Association.
The administrative organ of a public limited company is the Shareholders General Board (Junta General de Accionistas), which can be structured as:

  • Sole Administrator.
  • Co-administrators.
  • Joint Administrators.
  • Board of Directors.

Whatever the option is, it has to be included in the Memorandum of Association. The longest period an administrator can be in charge is five years.


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